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Social Dancing

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Dance Etiquette

Most established dance organizations promote dance events where participants are expected to interact in a considerate and thoughtful manner. USA Dance has has created a Guide to Social Dance Etiquette that presents a set of guidelines to promote an enjoyable dance experience. This is a "must read", especially for beginning dancers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who may attend?

Anyone who has an interest in dancing. Our dances are geared toward dancing with a partner; however, you do not need a partner. Membership in USA Dance is not required.

What do I wear?

It depends on the type of dance event. For social dancing try something that you might wear to a family birthday party or casual dining will work. Special events may require more formal clothing.

Everyone on the dance floor should wear dance shoes, for two reasons. First, dance shoes make it easier to dance. Second, dance shoes protect the dance floor from scuffs, abrasions, and grime.

What music is played?

Music is generally provided by a DJ or band. What dancers want is music that they can dance to, whether it is a swing band from the 1950's, or a rock band from the 70's, or the latest current hit record, it makes little difference as long as it is danceable music.