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Senior Spring Prom

USA Dance Madison hosted a Senior Spring Prom event on April 15th at Turner Hall in Madison, WI. Over 70 dancers joined in on the fun for our first prom event. We had lots of very positive feedback and hope to do it again next year.

10th Anniversary Dance Event - March 26, 2022

The Madison Chapter of USA Dance held its tenth Anniversary dance on the evening of March 26th on the UW campus. This lively gathering was a celebration of the ten-plus years of dance events hosted by the Madison Chapter.   Over 80 dancers participated this sold-out event including several former board members and longtime USA Dance enthusiasts.  Visit our Gallery Page to view videos of the event.

Dance Lesson

Samantha Trinidad from Madison Ballroom Company led an advanced rumba group lesson. Music was orchestrated by Tim Parker who has been with the Madison Chapter since its inception. Embedded in his music were tunes that he queued up at the first dance over a decade ago. Listed below are the first 10 songs on the playlist compiled by Tim at that inaugural dance held at Turner Hall in September of 2010.

Swing“Pretty Vegas”INXS
Swing/FoxTrot “Ain’t that a kick in the head”Robbie Williams
Rumba"Slow Rumba"Mario Berger
Waltz"Moon River"Andrea Ross
Cha Cha“Baba Boom”- mystery artist -
Tango"La Cumparsita:Quintito Pirincho
Bolero"Even Tho"Joseph Arthur
Swing"You Never Can Tell"Chuck Berry
Rumba"Straight to Number One"Touch and Go
Viennese Waltz"Billie Jean"Chris Cornell

Over these past ten years USA Dance – Madison Chapter has consistently supported the Madison dance community through its hosted events and educational offerings.  We look forward to the next ten years of sharing the excitement and joy that dancing brings to life.

Bringing in the New Year - December 31, 2021

Over 60 dancers gathered at Oakstone Recreation in Cottage Grove for a New Years Eve Dance. The gala event included over three hours of music and dancing with the customary "ball drop" and toast to the new year. Visit our Gallery Page to view pictures and videos of the event.

Governing Board

Among the guests were several governing board members show above. Front row: Mary Wick, Becky Tjugum, Deb Parker. Back row: Dennis Krautkamner, Kent Volmer, Jim Schmidt, Jerry Tjugum.

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